How to Make Muscadine Jelly

We had a long, tough day off the farm today. About 20 minutes away from arriving at the farm this evening we got a call from the neighbor that one of our goats was wandering the street. The neighbor was kind enough to get her back through to our side of the fence. The goat, Ema, is only 5 months old. She is still little enough to escape through small openings. Thank goodness the neighbor was able to return her safely!

When we pulled up the drive Ema and our two Great Pyrenees bounded out to greet us. It is amazing to be greeted by such happy animals. We went to check on the other goats and they were still in the pasture. Thank goodness! We decided to go ahead and feed all the farm animals before we headed into the house to feed ourselves.

After we ate, I decided to make a batch of muscadine jelly and my husband bounded out to the barnyard to fix some small spaces where Ema could have possibly escaped through.

While I was making the muscadine jelly, my husband called me out to the barnyard to see Ema on the roof of our 2 story barn. Wow! Ema is going to be a handful! After we coaxed Ema off the roof, I went back inside the kitchen to finish the muscadine jelly.

Here is the recipe of the muscadine jelly I made. I hope you enjoy it!

To make this jelly you will need:

2 quarts of stemmed muscadines

6 cups of sugar


1. Wash the muscadine.

2. Cook muscadine and sugar in a large pot on low heat.

3. Once all of the sugar is melted in the pot, turn heat up to almost boiling.

4. Cook muscadine until soft and fruit has burst.

5. Keep stirring and make sure fruit does not burn.

6. Spoon cooked pulp through a sieve and push pulp to allow maximum amount of juice out.

7. Poor juice back into a pot and cook on medium heat.

6. Bring to a jellying point. About 10 minutes.

7. Pour jelly immediately into hot canning jars, leaving 1/4 inch headspace.

8. Wipe jar rims and adjust lids.

6. Process 5 minutes in a boiling water bath.

This recipes make about 10 small jelly jars of about 4 ounces each.